BDO Operational Excellence (formerly known as Kav Project) was established in 1988 and today serves as BDO’s Center for Operational Excellence, the company’s consultancy division in Israel.

Through our advisory services and business support, clients receive tailored solutions to their specific needs aimed at improving profitability and growth. Our accumulated knowledge enables us to provide optimal solutions for integrative managerial-operational processes—from the stage of mapping and identifying challenges, defining a work plan, and through to implementation.

Since our founding, we’ve accompanied scores of companies, organizations and authorities in a variety of sectors, both on a national and global level, providing holistic or specific solutions to an assortment of needs.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we lay emphasis on the applied aspects of a project. To do so, we accompany the client from the stage of characterizing and defining a solution, while ensuring that the solution is implemented in the best manner possible and sustained over time.

Being part of BDO’s consultancy division enables us to improve our value offering to clients by tapping into the firm’s extensive knowledge gained over decades of excellence both domestically and globally. The division employs hundreds of advisors from a variety of disciplines and provides services to all sectors—to date, to more than 300 clients from public companies and funds traded on stock exchanges in Israel and around the world.

We believe that our success in providing real value to clients is based on two key elements: an experienced team and a multidimensional working concept.