The Approach

BDO Operational Excellence generates value for its clients through multidisciplinary solutions in five domains of operational excellence:

Operational Strategy

Operations and the supply chain constitute the logistic core of an organization. We help optimize these vital domains and by assisting our clients in achieving operational and management goals while generating real value. 

  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Functional planning for production and storage systems
  • Increasing productivity
  • Automation, robotics, and advanced manufacturing technologies

Project Management

Results are measured not only in planning but also performance. Our project management services ensure that a project is implemented optimally and meets organizational objectives.

  • Programs & Layouts
  • Planning management and coordination
  • Managing and supervising implementation
  • Timetable management (PMO – project management offices)
  • Engineering and budgetary control

Customer Management

A customer-centric ethos has in recent decades constituted one of the predominant trends in global business development. Our advisory and support services in the customer management domain lead organizations to improve their business performance.

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Multi-channel  service delivery
  • Transition to digital and data analytics
  • Deepening customer relations
  • Surveys and indices

Organizational Strategy

Human capital is key to the growth of organizations and for its ability to deal with current and future challenges. Our consultation and business support services facilitate the development and growth of human capital while attuning the organization’s workforce to the changing business environment and future challenges.

  • Organizational structure and defining job descriptions
  • Workforce standardization
  • Objectives and key performance indicators  (KPIs)
  • Employee incentivization – compensation and benefits (C&B)
  • Change management 

Security and Protection​

The business continuity of each organization depends on recognizing and managing the risks.
Our consulting services seek vulnerabilities on one hand, and on the other, provide holistic security solutions that are uniquely tailored to the client’s specific operational needs while meeting regulatory and international standards. Our consulting services include:

  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Developing and writing Security Concept of Operation (CONOP) and procedures
  • On-site Staff support – security manager placement
  • Training
  • Security engineering

Performance Transformation

We examine the organization’s performance while considering levers of growth and operational efficiency in order to realize the potential of the organization’s activity without impacting any existing activity.