Customer Management

We supply diverse consultation services including support in all matters related to customer management. The goal is to adapt the organization to a customer centric way of doing business – one of the most prominent trends in business development worldwide in recent decades.

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Putting the customer at the center is not just a marketing slogan, but the most dominant force in the current economic climate. It is a strength that is based on catalyzing factors such as the Information Revolution, universal accessibility to data, and continuous contact with customers via diverse channels. Gone are the days of anonymous and sporadic relations with customers that characterized organizations in previous decades. Successful organizations today strive to cultivate evolved relationships with their customers, including in-depth acquaintance and individualized responses tailored to specific needs.

We work to advance this modern concept of customer centrality using holistic tools that assess the organization’s entire chain of customer contact—marketing, sales, service, data analytics, etc.

Our consultation and hands-on project support services include:

  • Building and implementing a customer management strategy
  • Building and improving the customer experience, particularly in the digital domain
  • Developing or improving the organization’s concept of service management
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Building intra-organizational processes for profoundly understanding customer