Engineering Project Management

Our engineering project management unit oversees all aspects of engineering projects in the construction industry, making certain that each project is implemented in the best possible manner – to the satisfaction of the real estate developer and the end customers.

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Complex engineering projects in the government, public and private sectors combine multiple functions, and diverse planning and executing entities. Optimal engineering management is required in all stages of the project, from initial planning and specifications, supervising and overseeing execution, and through to project completion.

The engineering project management unit operates through all stages of the project: initiating, –drawing up specifications –supervising planning – managing and coordinating execution – project delivery – and on-target occupancy. The unit’s activity is based on Project Assurance methodology, which emphasizes the need for meticulous planning, alongside the assessment and management of possible risks. This is done in order to achieve optimal project execution by employing a single management platform and synchronization between all the parties involved. This methodology facilitates proper management at each stage and through the entire life cycle of a project, all the while coordinating expectations with the developer and different suppliers.

We offer customers our accumulated knowledge and experience in this area and make certain that the essential components of a project are implemented optimally, including: synchronizing between all entities, managing resources, quality assurance and supervision, and meeting all timetables—in order to culminate in the complete success of the project

Our consultation and project accompaniment services include:

  • Characterization of the needs while examining and reflecting on the buyer’s decisions
  • Detailed program & Outline planning
  • Planning management
  • Publishing and properly managing tenders
  • Managing project execution
  • Supervision, control and hands-on support during the inspection period