Manufacturing and logistics

We work to improve and upgrade the supply chain as an engine of growth and profitability for the organization, ensuring that it is adapted to current needs and is ultimately up-to-date.

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More and more independent logistical centers are being established for large companies, while smaller companies are making the transition to renting independent warehouses that typically include outsourced management. These trends contribute to the ability to swiftly provide storage services on demand and contribute to growth in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. By integrating digital capability and data management, business models are modernized and relationships with customers-consumers enhanced. The transition to a modernistic logistical environment includes expanded use of automated solutions and other technological developments that redefine the company’s logistical component.

We possess vast experience in advising on and supporting operational systems and supply chains. Our team performs comprehensive work that includes studying the company and its key processes, particularly the supply chain; analyzing gaps in the process and finding successful alternatives; building and incorporating a work plan.

Our consultation and project accompaniment services include:

  • Building a logistical operational strategy
  • Planning and establishing logistical centers
  • Functional planning Establishing and improving work processes in manufacturing plants
  • Optimizing maintenance arrays
  • Designing transportation and distribution systems
  • Formulating processes to maintain inventory reliability
  • Evaluating purchasing systems


Motti Zavarsky