Organizational Consultancy and Development

We help organizations grow and get a grip on current and future challenges while adapting to a changing environment – by leveraging their human capital and encouraging growth among personnel.

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By nature, people and organizations fear change and hold on to existing patterns. This is a known fact. As organizational consultants, we first assess your organization in terms of its future challenges and the changing expectations it faces. We know how to pinpoint what needs to be improved and help leverage existing strengths. The entire process of organizational consultancy and development takes into consideration three essential pillars: customers – organization – workers, and the holistic approach we foster addresses all three sides of this triangle. This validates all organizational decisions and assures their implementation in the field.

We work closely with organizations and address all existing levels—from the working doctrine procedures, through to the behavioral level performance, and on to effecting changes in the organizational culture values.

Our consultation and project support services include:

  • Examining the organization’s structure, job descriptions, and workforce standardization – assessing the existing situation, seeking to understand the tasks and challenges facing the organization/unit, formulating a new operational doctrine or improving the existing one, defining complementary duties, and standardizing the workforce.
  • Motivating employees including reward methods (C&B – compensation and benefits) – based on rewards of ‘soft’ dimension and linked to management capabilities, team spirit and/or based on monetary reward using different models suited to the organization and its needs.
  • Manager development and management accompaniment – personal support and group courses aimed at familiarizing and providing managers with the newest management tools, strengthening existing managerial skills, delivering a unique development program to management that focuses on and suits the organization’s needs.
  • Change management – developing organizational strength including the efficiencies and effectiveness it needs to translate strategy into tangible results. This includes mapping and analyzing the organization, building a change management strategy, developing and overseeing learning and training in the organization in order to effect positive change in the conduct of individuals and groups, and developing tools for incorporating organizational change.