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Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)?

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The world is in the midst of a revolution that has seen the uptake of robotics and automation to enhance efficiency and optimize  manufacturing processes.

The latest generation of robots have made a quantum leap in technology, and is characterized by flexibility, adaptability, and synchronization with existing production lines, while human-robot interfaces have been integrated and upgraded. Thanks to lower acquisition, operation and maintenance costs and more affordable customization, robotic solutions are now more than ever in reach of small and medium sized factories.

When drafting the specifications of a project, we define in detail the business need vis-à-vis the technical solution and assess the gaps between them, while working to generate a suitable solution combining automation, robotics, and human involvement.

Our expertise includes the ability to design complex systems and processes and achieve end-to-end automation.

Our consultation and project support services include:

  • System specifications for automated/robotic production lines
  • Project development and management in the domain of automation and robotics
  • Detailed planning of advanced production lines
  • Writing out specifications for proposed solutions
  • Accompanying the setup process